Robyn + Steven Get Married! {April Colby Chatham-Kent wedding photographer}

I met Robyn and Steve late summer 2016, just weeks before my own ten-year wedding anniversary. They asked me to meet them at Robyn's parent's home, which is nestled in a wooded area just off a main road. One of Robyn's dogs was there (Me-too, which is possibly one of the greatest dog's names ever), and as I watched her interact with the dog, and as I giggled at her profuse apologies every time Me-too jumped on me/licked me/pawed me to be petted, I knew she was my kind of girl. As she and Steven sat on the couch and described their upcoming nuptials and I watched the way Steven looked at Robyn, saw the way he watched her expressions, and movements, and noticed the way he smiled every time she laughed, I knew she was his kind of girl as well, but in a much deeper way. 
I love seeing people in love. I love seeing the way people look at each other when they know they've found the other half of their heart. It gives me that feeling in my chest; that half-hitch feeling when you don't know if you're going to (happy) cry or laugh. When it feels like your lungs are sitting in the top-half of your chest. Watching Steven and Robyn gave me that feeling.

Their wedding was a day filled with love, faith, family and friends - the best kind of wedding day. No one was rushed and everyone there laughed more times than anyone could count. With Robyn and Steven at the centre, it's easy to see why. Laughing, it seems, is what they do best together. And as far as couples and love, relationships and marriage go, there is no better or stronger glue than the ability to laugh together. 

I hope the rest of your lives are filled with even more laughter than there was on your wedding day Robyn and Steven, and I am so happy you brought me along to share in it.