Being a photographer means a lot to me. It’s something I love doing and I’m truly lucky to share in all the moments I have in the past and will in the future. As a former journalist, it's understandable my style is reflective. I prefer to shoot natural, unguarded moments and strive to make all my sessions relaxed and fun so I can catch as many of those as possible. I live for spending time with my husband, son and three dogs, keeping up with current events and writing the occasional freelance article (you can take the girl out of journalism but you can't take the journalism out of the girl I suppose). If I'm not busy with one of the former, you can probably find me watching A&E, Showtime and HBO dramas, writing, or cooking something way out of my culinary reach.
All that aside, I don’t think you’re here to read my life story or learn about my artistic process - you’re here to see my work and to determine if it fits what you expect from your photographer. If my style suits your vision, let me know and we’ll go from there.  I love meeting people with a certain joie de vivre - a true zest for life goes a long way in my books. I try to bring that out in everyone I meet and it's my job to capture that in everyone I shoot.